Why Active Living?

Origin knows that staying active dramatically increases our quality of life as we age, but don’t just take our word for it.

What is Active Living

What is Active Living?


News & Studies on Active Living and Healthy Aging

ICAA, CEO, Colin Milner

Looking at the older populations potential is key to embracing Decade of Healthy Aging

ICAA, CEO, Colin Milner discusses how changing the lens we view the older adult through can lead to embracing the potential of an older population…

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Making the case for sociality

Making The Case For Sociality

There is an important link between “being social” and “quality aging.” This means that when those unexpected events occur such as falling, illness, disability, relocation, or a death, we can’t afford to let ourselves, or those we care for, retreat into isolation…

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Setting the nutrition agenda for the Decade of healthy aging

Decade Of Healthy Aging

Between 2015 and 2030, the UN predicts that the number of people over 60 years old is globally projected to grow to 1.4 billion. To prepare for the rising aging population, the World Health Organization issued a call to action to change the mindset around aging…

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New nutrition resources to help build back my muscles

New Nutrition Resources

When we think about malnutrition, the images that often comes to mind are the frail and elderly — and many times the need is for individuals to just eat more. But malnutrition can be caused by a host of factors, from chronic health conditions and use of medications, to one’s ability to shop for and prepare food…

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The dimensions of wellness

The Dimensions Of Wellness

Lifestyle matters when it comes to aging. Where you live matters, too. When a healthy lifestyle meets a healthy environment, it’s the recipe for wellness. The increasingly popular approach of senior living communities is to integrate various layers of wellness into a working model that can help seniors…

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You May Not Be As Old As You Think You Are

Not As Old As You Think

Everyone is saying it, at least everyone who’s facing their senior years. It’s celebrated on birthday cards, proclaimed on memes on social media, and it comes in a variety of presentations. “50 is the new 40!” “60 is the new 50!” and so on. But a few researchers are out to prove it…

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Tech Revolution Benefits the Aging

Tech Revolution Benefits Aging

Imagine your frail father dons a virtual reality headset so he can “attend” his grandson’s graduation and feel as if he’s really there. Or your mom, forgetful about her medicine, swallows a teensy sensor encased in medication that will relay the time she took the pill and the dosage to her smartphone…

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This Is Your Brain on Exercise

This Is Your Brain on Exercise

Exercise is as good for your brain as it is for your body, and researchers are just beginning to discover why. Human beings evolved to move and our bodies, including our brains, were fine-tuned for endurance activities over millennia of stalking and chasing down prey….

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Limiting patient mobility in hospitals may do more harm than good

Patient Immobility May Harm

Despite hospitals’ best efforts, there is little proof that policies to inhibit patient mobility actually prevent falls and may actually increase the risk of serious side effects. In-hospital immobility is one of several factors theorized to give rise to the post-hospital syndrome…

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